Ensuring your business is properly covered by the right insurance is a necessary step in not only legitimising your business, but is also a necessary precaution. Most business owners don’t realise the extent of incidents for which they can be held liable, and they often find themselves with huge payouts without the essential business cover in place. From employees to the office; and from goods to software; Mercia Insurance Brokers provide specialist business services that are tailored to your specific requirements, so you know that you have the right policies in place to protect you for every eventuality.

Material Damage

In the event of unforeseen threats such as fire, flood, or storms that can cause extensive damage to your premises, Material Damage is essential cover to protect you from costly but necessary repairs to keep your business open. Material Damage can be especially broad in its protection, but this may incur extra costs for you that simply aren’t necessary. At Mercia Insurance Brokers, we can specifically tailor your policy to ensure you’re getting exactly the cover you require – for the right price.

Business Interruption

Should your business suffer a loss of income from closure due to a disaster (see above Material Damage), your accounts don’t have to take the hit. With Mercia’s specialist Business Interruption Insurance, your business can not only claim back on the disaster affecting your business, but also regain the income you may have lost because of it. For more information about the terms of this cover, speak to us today.

Employers Liability

If you are the sole director of your limited company and just work alone, you can breathe a sigh of relief – Employer’s Liability insurance isn’t necessary. But, if you employ anyone in your company to work alongside you, it’s a legal requirement to get the right liability policies in place. Health & Safety regulations are designed to protect your employees from personal injury in the workplace, but Employers Liability protects your company from claims should an incident occur. To protect your company against claims to your business, Mercia’s comprehensive cover makes sure you are properly cared for.

Public and Products Liability

When you’re providing great services to your valued clients, the last thing you want to do is cause direct damage to their property or employees. Vital insurance for those that work onsite or provide products to clients in-house, Public and Products Liability cover protects you and your business should anyone be harmed due to your products or services; and ensures you aren’t held financially accountable for damage to their property, premises or goods. Offering a fully-tailorable service, Mercia Insurance Brokers can find the best bespoke policies to suit your individual business.

Goods In Transit

Sometimes it’s inevitable – accidents happen. But when your products are being transported to your clients it can be hard to bear the reality of lost, damaged or stolen goods, let alone the incremental cost. Whether by road, rail, sea or sky, Mercia Insurance Brokers can protect your valuable products and goods so that even if they don’t arrive in one piece, your business doesn’t lose out. Speak to us for bespoke insurance services and to choose a policy that’s right for you.

To find out more about our business insurance services, and to tailor your business cover to suit your company’s requirements, Mercia Insurance Brokers have the right expertise to help find the best policies to suit you – simply get in touch today.